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TXSpurgerSpectacular Savannas for sale!
Doelings and breeding age Bucklings.
Information, pedigrees, photos and videos available.
Info on their Sires and Dams too
OAK 166 Lollipop DZRsample pedigree601 832-1370 Doelings
EXP 12/15/19
TXSpurgerCheck out OAK 168 Turbo DZR.
This Buckling weighed 61.6 pounds at weaning!
Extremely rare pedigree, jet black pigment, massive size.
The total package for a serious breeder
OAK 168 Turbo DZR Allison / Mike Rosauer
Three Oaks Savannas
601 832-1370
BucklingEXP 12/15/19