Three Oaks Goats

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Mike & Allison Rosauer
Spurger, Texas | 409 429-5991


Nestled on 35 gorgeous acres in the quiet Southeast Texas town of Spurger, Three Oaks Goats originally began when a friend gave us some Boer goats to keep our pastures cleaned up along fence lines and in the woods. We quickly fell in love with their quirky personalities and liked how nice they made our pastures look. And so it began…..

Most people know us as Stars Miniatures, Shetlands and Hackneys. We are one of the top training and breeding facilities of Miniatures Horses and Shetlands in the world. Over time we have slowly refined our breeding program, and only run about half the broodmares that we originally did. That left us with a lot of lush pasture, and the goats have become a perfect fit for that. For information on our horses please visit us at

While we started with a small group of commercial Boers, we began doing our research and decided to add Savanna, Spanish and Kiko to our herd to improve their hardiness and phenotype. As our program and goals changed, we decided to go ALL FULLBLOOD SAVANNA! We are proud to have a 100% Pedigree International DNA Certified herd concentrating on rare bloodlines and extreme type and quality. We are very excited about the beautiful group of fullblood Savanna goats that we are putting together. We have two very special, exotically bred Bucks that we feel will be the perfect fit to take us into the future. We have started our herd of FB Does, and have a few more that we have reserved that will be exceptional, sought after lines. It will take a while to build, but good things come to those who wait, and don’t settle for anything but the very best!

Even though we have been in the goat business a short amount of time, we feel that we are on track to build a boutique breeding program, evolving into an exclusive group of 100% fullblood, DNA’d Savannas, that are truly special. We are utilizing live cover, as well as embryo transfers to achieve our goals. We draw on our years of breeding World Champion Halter and Performance horses, with a true dedication to detail in both conformation and bloodlines. We will accept nothing less from our goat operation. To learn more about Three Oaks Goats, or for details about the goats we have available for purchase, please visit us at We have an amazing web site packed with photos, information and pedigrees, and we update it constantly. There are many exciting times ahead! Three Oaks Goats is Savanna Strong and P.I. Proud!