Glynn Creek Farms


Contact Information

Homer and Gail Daniel
115 Sunset Williamsburg Rd
Collins, MS 39428
(601) 323-1314 |


At Glynn Creek Farms we will actively pursue performance in our Savanna Goats herd.
For the second year in a row we will be submitting data to NSIP Kid Plan. This year we
will submit data on Fullblood Savanna Goats, which are appraised against the original
standards for function and form, for the first time to Kid Plan.

We feel confident that we will not be satisfied with the EBVs that we receive from that
submission and will take steps to improve the herd’s performance.

Being satisfied with one’s past performance is the road that leads to mediocrity.

We believed the future holds exciting times with the addition of Mr. Beau (BO) ITG C30, who is a Parentage Verified DNA buck that is a balanced lend of the old and new Savanna genetics available in the USA.  Stay tuned because this is just the starting point of great things to come from Glynn Creek Farms as we continue to look for other opportunities to  invest in Savanna genetics.