Letter from the Editor

goatHello everyone.  Welcome to The Savanna Goat News.   This is a new website created for you.   This is a place for the Savanna goat breeder to share short articles of interest, history of a few of our “Rock Star” bucks of the past, and general goat ranching information.   The editorial staff will provide some guidance towards article content and length, but the site belongs to the breeders.   From humble beginnings, the Savanna goat is becoming better known and appreciated, and its now a great time for us to have a place to stop in and share ideas.   Our friends the Kiko breeders have done a nice job in making stars out of their bucks and sharing the genetics to improve their herds.   Although we don’t have the breeder numbers of the Kiko, we have a great product and now a place to share thoughts and bring our breeders together.   ENJOY!!