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September 19, 2021


Breeders Spotlight

‘IN THE SPOTLIGHT’ Is a place to meet and learn about Savanna Breeders. Use the Breeders Spotlight drop down menu on the menu bar. To see the full list of breeders that have been  IN THE SPOTLIGHT. Currently IN THE SPOTLIGHT is: PT SAVANNA RANCH & BARNHART FRAMS . Editor, Trevor Ballif    

The CODI/PCI Savannas

It is well known in the goat world on how coveted the CODI/PCI Boer goats have become. It’s common to hear someone argue that these are the only “True” South African Boer goats, as they were live animals flown directly from Cape Town, South Africa, to the United States. The following article, by Trevor Ballif,

Welcome 2016

Hello everyone.  I hope the holidays find you and your Savannas well.   We are planning on moving forward at a brisker pace with the new website in the coming months.  The early kidding season has started as seen by the numerous pictures of great Savannas on the “Savanna goat for sale” Facebook page that is

Letter from the Editor

Hello everyone.  Welcome to The Savanna Goat News.   This is a new website created for you.   This is a place for the Savanna goat breeder to share short articles of interest, history of a few of our “Rock Star” bucks of the past, and general goat ranching information.   The editorial staff will provide some guidance