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March 19, 2018

The CODI/PCI Savannas

It is well known in the goat world on how coveted the CODI/PCI Boer goats have become. It’s common to hear someone argue that these are the only “True” South African Boer goats, as they were live animals flown directly from Cape Town, South Africa, to the United States. The following article, by Trevor Ballif,


Reproduction Determines Profits

by Dave Sparks DVM As I give talks on meat goat health and productivity I find that most of us are in this  industry because we enjoy working with our goats. Most of the folks I visit with, however, tell me that they would enjoy it a lot more if they were taking some profits

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What we’ve learned about tall fescue management

This article is directly aimed at Cattle, but this issue effects all grazers, Thus a great reason for us to stress browsing over grazing! The Shenandoah Valley of Virginia sits squarely in the fescue belt. As an extension agent, I hear a lot about fescue toxicosis from the academic side, but rarely does it make

Determining Hay and Forage to Feed to Your Goats

By Suzanne Gasparotto Lohn, Tx (325) 344-5775 There is no single perfect forage or hay for goats. As long as it is digestible, a wide variety of plants and hays will be consumed. Goat are very selective, “picky” eaters, choosing only those hays and forages which will give them the nutrients they need. The quality

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Breeder's Spotlight

So you want to raise meat goats?

– Dogwood Farms, Randy and Nan Brock | Palestine, Texas “So,you want to raise meat goats?”, was the question posed early to Randy and I in our beginning goat days. Early goat years consisted of Spanish goats, untouched by humans, imported SA Boers and, later, Savannas. You could say we ran the gamut of the

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