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September 28, 2022

Breeders Spotlight

‘IN THE SPOTLIGHT’ Is a place to meet and learn about Savanna Breeders. Use the Breeders Spotlight drop down menu on the menu bar. To see the full list of breeders that have been  IN THE SPOTLIGHT. Currently IN THE SPOTLIGHT is: PT SAVANNA RANCH & BARNHART FRAMS . Editor, Trevor Ballif    


Seven Stages of Development

Seven Stages of Development By Gary Pusillo,Ph.D., P.A.S.,A.C.A.N. Diplomat The following seven developmental stages are being suggested to help build a better goat. Currently, attempts are being made to identify the developmental ingredients of certain stages in a goats growth pattern.   However, when maximum genetic potential is sought, always remember that genetic potential can

Reproduction Determines Profits

by Dave Sparks DVM As I give talks on meat goat health and productivity I find that most of us are in this  industry because we enjoy working with our goats. Most of the folks I visit with, however, tell me that they would enjoy it a lot more if they were taking some profits

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Lifecycle Feeding for your Meat Goats

by Steve Hart   It is best to feed your animals according their current stage of production to ensure they receive adequate nutrition, feed is not wasted, and animals are not overfattened.   A late pregnant or lactating doe has very different nutrient requirements from a dry doe.  Which class do you feed for if you

What we’ve learned about tall fescue management

This article is directly aimed at Cattle, but this issue effects all grazers, Thus a great reason for us to stress browsing over grazing! The Shenandoah Valley of Virginia sits squarely in the fescue belt. As an extension agent, I hear a lot about fescue toxicosis from the academic side, but rarely does it make

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Health & Illness

Fetal Development

Typical Goat Fetal Development                                 Shared by Dr Gary Pusillo Heart beat apparent–20 days   Limb buds visible–28-35 days   Differentiation of digits–35-42 days   Nostrils and eyes differentiated–42-49 days   Eyelids close–49-56 days   Horn pits appear–77-84 days  

Uniary Calculi

Uniary Calculi: Stress Related                        by Wythe Quarles I keep reading of goat owners having calculi problems or expressing concern about this subject. So I thought it appropriate that my first post to the group be on this subject since I am currently helping an owner

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